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Contour Noir

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Contour Noir

Contour Noir embraces a contemporary styling of classic design. The vertical brushed steel knife blade is designed to rest traditionally or vertically on the table; either way sees the serrations raised from the table top.

Knife blades are made from specially hardened stainless steel to provide the finest possible cutting edge.

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  • Table Knife  6023SX042

    Table Knife
    23.7cm (9 3/8") 

  • Table Fork  6023SX021

    Table Fork
    20.4cm (8") 

  • Soup Spoon  6023SX002

    Soup Spoon
    20.4cm (8") 

  • English Tea Spoon  6023SX007

    English Tea Spoon
    13.5cm (5 3/8") 

  • Steak Knife  6023SX056

    Steak Knife
    24.3cm (9 1/2") 

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