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Table Lamps

A premium rechargeable table lamp with a magnetic contact charging system. Designed with simple, intuitive button control, easily switches on and off, and adjustable colour, temperature and brightness via button. Housed in a simple, elegant, and beautiful aluminium casting. Pirlo comes with an optical design diffuser that combines numerous light reflections and refraction, producing light that is even and comfortable. New addition to the table. Ambience, and functionality (to read menu) specifically designed for commercial dinner tables. Convince - charging magnetic - 9+ hours battery life charging trays for service.

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  • Magnetic Charging Tray...  LMPTOWREUPLUG

    Magnetic Charging Tray...

  • Magnetic Charging Tray...  LMPTOWRUKPLUG

    Magnetic Charging Tray...

  • Trolley  LTROLY


  • Dark Grey Rechargable...  LMPPIR300GRY

    Dark Grey Rechargable...
    27 cm 

  • White LED Rechargable...  LMPPIR300WHT

    White LED Rechargable...
    27 cm 

  • Dark Grey LED Recharga...  LMPOCT300GRY

    Dark Grey LED Recharga...
    35 cm 

  • White LED Rechargable...  LMPOCT300WHT

    White LED Rechargable...
    35 cm 

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