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Rantang Carrier

the perfect solution for safe carry
Amaze your guests while you bring food to the table safely covered and beautifully displayed in our unique Rantang by Creations. This carrier pairs with multiple items, including Robert Gordon Potter’s Collection Stack Bowls and Trays, Rene Ozorio, Paul Liebrandt’s exquisite porcelain, and even our stunning Folio cookware. These combinations with the Rantang bring theatre to dining and add practicality for servers.


Designed explicitly for family-style service, appetizers, small plates, and individual meals, the Rantang is a perfect option for in-room dining and safe carry to the table. ⁠

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  • Rantang Carrier  6525T196

    Rantang Carrier
    21 cm (8 1/4") 

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