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Banqueting Catering Wine Glasses

Banquets can be an intense and demanding catering endeavour which requires durable, yet luxury catering wine glasses and glassware. It’s essential to choose wine glasses which are specifically designed to enhance the flavour and body of the wine, to give the optimum drinking experience even in large scale banquet environments.

The soiree range has been designed to cope with the demands of restaurant catering, and has strength at its core. Each of the catering wine glasses in this range feature specific qualities to enhance the character of each wine type, and improve the overall taste. Functional and high quality, Soiree is the perfect accompaniment to any banquet service.

Festival has been developed with durability in mind, and has an enviable reputation for its toughness. A thicker bowl and stem improve their resistance to breakage; these purposeful catering wine glasses are the optimum combination of performance, affordability and style. The timeless burgundy shape of these catering wine glasses is a classic addition to your tabletop solution.

An elegant wine glass can completely transform the architecture of your tabletop and the Cantina range combines effortless design features with durability, to produce a stunning design. A fine and elegant rim combines with integrally strong glassware, to provide functionality in catering situations.

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