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Steelite International strives to provide variety and innovation through creative design, marrying beauty with practicality for the ideal tabletop solution. Each range is versatile in its attributes, and therefore suitable to a variety of dining styles.

Steelite Performance offers a lifetime-edge warranty, making it the perfect catering crockery for busy environments such as pubs and cafes. The Taste range is all about effortless style, while LiV is designed to reflect our fast-paced city lives. The clean and effective Simplicity collection is, as the name implies, beautifully uncomplicated. With elegantly embossed edges, Bead is another exquisite collection which adds a touch of finesse and gracefulness to the tabletop, elevating any Chef’s best efforts.

Steelite Distinction features several elegant designs on which chefs worldwide can showcase their creations. We begin with the sophistication of Monaco. A versatile range crafted with simplicity and strength; Monaco is ideally suited to a fine dining setting. Individually styled with a swirling embossment, Spyro is delicate in design yet spectacular in effects. For a unique elegance, Koto lends drama and contrast to all tabletops thanks to its deep black textured surface and hand finished iron red glaze. Offering multi-level presentations through a series of wide rim gourmet plates and a new modern mid rim plate, the award-winning Willow collection provides an elevated presentation which is perfect for all fine all fine dining environments.

Melamine is fast becoming a popular choice of dinnerware and displayware in the catering industry. Ideal for large catering ventures, our Melamine products combine practicality with style to ensure that neither is compromised. Pairing with Elite Global Solutions as well as our proprietary Creations Melamine collection, we have a variety of melamine displayware to choose from.

Fine dining, banqueting, café, and bistro dining - each has its own style and ambiance and choosing the right catering crockery is an essential part of achieving that. To give you some ideas, the pages below offer suggestions for a variety of catering environments to inspire you to create your very own tabletop solution.

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