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Cafe Catering Tableware

Catering tableware can be an important part of presenting the tone, style and feel of your cafe. Here at Steelite International we provide a comprehensive selection of cafe catering tableware, to enable you to create your own unique cafe style. Our catering tableware ranges include everything needed to equip your cafe from the clean lines of Simplicity plates, through to the chic hollowware of LiV.

Carnival catering tableware can add a touch of quirky charm to your table. A range of fun and vibrant colours are available in catering plates, cups, saucers, mugs, and bowls. The ability to mix and match the colours, shapes and pieces of this range provides a stunning and individual backdrop for presenting dishes.

For a more interactive approach to catering tableware, the Taste range offers a selection of platters, trays, and chargers. Providing you with endless possibilities for dish presentation and serving techniques, Taste provides a great way to add elegance to this more relaxed style of dining.

For those looking to add a subtle touch of colour to the tabletop, both Blue Dapple is the perfect choice. With a flawless white glaze and a beautiful blue border, the enamel look tableware elevates food presentation effortlessly.

Cafe catering tableware must look stylish, but also cope with the rigours of a fast-paced cafe service. Our Distinction and Performance catering tableware is made using an Alumina Vitrified clay body for integral strength – to ensure that they keep performing even after heavy use.

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