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Restaurant Catering Crockery

Selecting the ideal catering crockery for your restaurant is vital to achieving the tone you wish to convey. A restaurant looking to deliver a fine dining experience should express style and sophistication with their catering crockery. In the same way, a restaurant aiming for a relaxing, casual dining atmosphere should portray informality and excitement with their choice of catering crockery.

Steelite International aim to provide variety and choice to ensure that a perfect tabletop solution is available for every restaurant style. Steelite Distinction has a number of ranges perfectly suited to fine dining, with outward beauty and inner strength the stylish catering crockery provides a stunning foundation for chefs to build their masterpiece on. Steelite Performance offers flair and excitement with hand-crafted, rustic catering crockery that help to bring a menu to life.

Our bespoke tabletop solutions allow you to create a completely unique presentation style with catering crockery that complements your interior design and menu style. Our team of design professionals work with you to develop your ideal catering crockery, adding branding and patterns specified by you.

Our glassware and cutlery ranges are designed to complement your catering cutlery and complete your tabletop solution. From the sophistication and delicate nature of Adina Prestige to the durability of Cantina your catering crockery can be accompanied by glassware that adds sparkle to the tabletop. As the finishing touch, Hepp and Elia from our 18/10 stainless steel cutlery provide a number of beautiful ranges to accompany your catering crockery.

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