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Bistro Catering Tableware

Over recent years bistro dining has grown in popularity providing quality food and unique presentation, in an informal atmosphere. Steelite International provide an extensive selection of catering tableware specifically designed to meet the needs of this culinary style. They combine contemporary design with integral strength, to provide catering tableware which can set the tone and style of your bistro.

The Organics range is inspired by nature, combining fluid lines and forms to create stunning shapes. Its crisp white finish makes it the ideal canvas for presenting dishes in unique and imaginative ways. Organics catering tableware can add sophistication and elegance to any table.

The Axis range is designed to add height and drama to your tabletop. The striking and sweeping shape of the bowl provides an eye catching feature and enables you to create unique presentations with ease. Combining various bowl sizes for this range into your catering tableware can present exciting possibilities for your menus.

Our catering tableware is designed to be the perfect canvas for your menus; enhancing the natural beauty of the food. Presentation is key to this type of dining, and provides the opportunity to experiment with different presentation techniques. Your tabletop solution begins with the foundation ranges, which form the core of your catering tableware. This is then complemented by our innovation ranges; providing pieces for signature dishes, or simply to add a creative flair to your tabletop. Your catering tableware is completed with catering cutlery and catering glassware, an elegant selection of finishing touches that make your tabletop sparkle.

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