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Fine Dining Catering Wine Glasses

Fine dining has a firm focus on exceptional quality, and this must be present throughout the entire dining experience from exquisite food to complementary tableware. It’s therefore essential that the finest catering wine glasses are paired with your wine menu to produce cohesive and elegant fine dining. Choosing the right wine glasses for your wine menu can not only enhance the appearance of your table but also have a dramatic effect on the bouquet and tasting experience of the wine.

To provide the very highest quality catering wine glasses for fine dining, Steelite International has partnered with Spiegalau; renowned suppliers of high quality glasses for every occasion. Spiegalau have a long history of producing high performance pieces and have been crafting exceptional glassware for over 500 years. They use only the purest materials to create catering wine glasses with a stunning clarity and finish. Statement and unique designs provide catering wine glasses which are the perfect addition to any fine dining experience. The functional yet elegant ranges combine with celebration lines to provide catering glassware for any occasion.

For premium glassware, Vino Grande is a comprehensive range which encompasses many sizes and styles. From celebration champagne flutes to burgundy wine glasses this traditional and luxury collection is a firm favourite with many in the hospitality industry.

Hybrid is an innovative line of catering wine glasses based on the famous Willberger collection glasses and with the success of the Authentis range in mind. Fresh new shapes are used to produce stunning wine glasses, which are specifically designed to enhance the taste of the wine and to enable the flavour to develop over time. Hybrid is a unique glassware range that won’t disappoint on either quality or style.

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