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Fine Dining Catering Tableware

Steelite International aspires to provide chefs with the perfect starting point when it comes to presenting their beautiful creations. Catering tableware is a vital feature of fine dining, particularly as part of the customer’s first impressions, as it has the ability to awe them visually.

The catering tableware in our Foundation ranges are the ideal pieces to begin with, acting as the base to your catering tableware collection. Clean and crisp designs, such as Willow provide a refined, subtle, and sophisticated effect that’s refreshingly satisfying. While Rene Ozorio Aura and Steelite Performance Bead evoke interest through their exquisite shapes, delicate lines and natural colour palettes.

Our Innovation range brings drama and excitement to fine dining, with a variety of statement pieces that are ideal for use as catering tableware for signature dishes. Float, for example, is designed to appear to hover just above the tabletop, drawing the eye to the fare at its centre. Meanwhile, Sheer uses geometric designs for unique presentations and Contour brings effortless individuality to dishes. Each of these refined and elegant fine dining catering tableware collections aim to provide an exciting platform from which to showcase culinary art.

All our catering tableware can be paired with our cutlery ranges to enhance the fine dining tabletop experience. Our catering glassware then adds the piece de resistance to your tabletop solution, with sophistication, style and inimitable flair that fits perfectly with your chosen catering tableware.

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