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Casual Dining Catering Tableware

Casual dining has informality at its heart and offers an exciting opportunity to add unique and quirky elements to your catering tableware. By experimenting with different colours and shapes you can create a truly unique tabletop solution which forms the perfect backdrop for your menu and enhances your diners’ experience.

Our ranges offer style, durability and versatility, to produce catering tableware which can cope with the day to day demands of casual dining. Foundation ranges form the core of your presentation solution and can be chosen to set the style of your catering tableware. Innovation pieces are then added to create an exclusive and tailor-made tabletop solution.

Freestyle is perfectly suited to casual dining; it’s designed to encourage exciting and contemporary dish presentation to transform your table. Within this range are the traditional elements of catering tableware – catering plates, bowls, saucers, cups, mugs, holloware and accessories, to provide a comprehensive casual dining solution.

For a unique feel, Craft catering tableware celebrates the history of pottery, using rich and lustrous glazes applied by hand to produce gem-like designs. Rustic and individual; Craft enables you to experiment with colours and shapes to produce an unforgettable dining experience.

Steelite International also offer a catering tableware decoration service for a more bespoke presentation style. Our designers work with you to produce a design which compliments and enhances your brand, creating catering tableware which helps to enhance the individuality of your menu.

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