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Catering Crockery

Catering can be a diverse and demanding venture, requiring durable catering crockery, which is specifically designed for this purpose. Our ranges include elegant designs with stackable and heat/chill retentive catering crockery which are perfect for serving banquet menus.

The Steelite Distinction brand embodies the essential qualities needed for catering crockery. By focusing on outward design and inner strength, we create catering crockery to give you a tabletop solution that delivers on both practicality and durability. The extensive choice of shapes, colours and designs within these ranges enable you to create the perfect setting for your banquet.

Steelite Performance is designed to support catering presentation and has functionality at its core. All ranges are resistant to mechanical and thermal shock and are freezer, dishwasher and microwave proof. This makes them perfectly suited to both small and large scale catering.

Quality is instilled into every piece of catering crockery in the Performance and Distinction brands. We provide a lifetime edge chip warranty in all of our Alumina Vitrified ceramic ranges to give you maximum confidence in our catering crockery*. Combine this guarantee with the timeless elegance of our designs, and you receive catering crockery that can be used time and time again.

*Excluding Germany.

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