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Buffet Catering Crockery

Presentation is an integral element in buffet catering, and it’s the catering crockery you choose that helps to complement the food you supply. Our catering crockery can add an intriguing element to your buffet, combining interesting shapes and colours to give an exciting dining experience. Experiment with textures in your presentation by combining wood, ceramic and glass materials in your collection of catering crockery.

It’s important that centre piece dishes are presented well to give maximum impact and effect, which can be achieved through your choice of catering crockery. The right plate or platter can transform a dish, allowing chefs to experiment not only with taste but with presentation. For large tables our Zest platters elevate dishes on rubber pedestals, which can be used to alternate display heights throughout your buffet table.

Eating at a buffet can often involve juggling drinks and plates, making it a clumsy affair – especially if the party is standing. We aim to provide solutions with our catering crockery, which is why the Buffet Plate is designed to eliminate this problem. With a handy slot integrated in the design, it is perfectly sized to hold a champagne glass. This feature, combined with the stylish oval shape of the catering crockery, is what offers an elegant and new way to dine at a buffet.

Our wish list feature enables you to browse through our buffet catering crockery and pick out the specific pieces you wish to have in your tableware service. Why not be adventurous and experiment with colour and texture combinations to provide a unique catering crockery service.

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