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Casual Dining Catering Crockery

Innovative, informal, and interesting designs are at the core of casual dining. Our catering crockery is manufactured to the highest standards and designed with exceptional functionality. Casual dining is a place to be creative with catering crockery, experimenting with colour combinations and interesting shapes to deliver a dynamic experience.

Adding unique texture and colour to the tabletop is easy by using reactive glaze range’s like Steelite Vesuvius and Revolution. These 2 ranges have also been incorporated into the Aurora range; a two glaze combination creating more tabletop contrast.

The Terramesa range is the epitome of relaxed and rustic style. Colours and crockery can be combined to create a tabletop solution that adds drama and excitement to the dining experience. Our aim is to enhance your menu presentation with selective catering crockery, complementing your dishes and creating an unforgettable meal.

LiV is made for city living. Compact, fresh, and innovative it meets the cut and thrust of casual dining environments effortlessly while encouraging a streetwise approach to food presentation. For relaxed presentations in casual hospitality settings, Taste delivers a striking, clean and fresh finish with endless possibilities.

When it comes to casual dining our ranges create the foundation of your presentation and combine world-leading quality with inspirational designs. For unique, laid back dining experiences and chance meetings, the classic Craft range sports rich, hand-applied glazes in a range of patterns for a rustic finish that’s simply inimitable.

Our tabletop solutions tool enables you to browse through our ranges specifically suited to casual dining. Choose from foundation pieces that provide the core of your table service, then experiment with our catering crockery. The Innovation ranges introduce textures such as glass and wood, each with inventive shapes that are perfect platforms for those special meals. Add your favourite pieces to our wishlist and create a catering crockery service specifically suited to your needs.

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