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Catering Cutlery

When creating the perfect tabletop, it’s essential to choose the right catering cutlery to compliment the other items on the table. At Steelite International, we provide only the highest quality catering cutlery crafted from 18/10 stainless steel. This ensures both quality and durability, with each piece of catering cutlery designed to stand the test of time. We partner with a number of leading names in the industry, bringing you the latest designs with an array of stylish cutlery.

Elia is a stunning collection of catering cutlery with a combination of classic shapes and contemporary design. With style and sophistication, Ovation has all of the archetypal pieces of catering cutlery needed to accompany your menus. Miravel has beautifully sweeping lines with the durability and stain resistance of 18/10 stainless steel. With both exquisitely designed ranges, strength and style is combined to enrich your tabletop presentation.

Steelite International also partner with Hepp, a well-established supplier of catering cutlery who create innovative and unique designs based around timeless, ever-popular shapes. With the dependable quality of Aura, the elegance of Ecco and the multi-functionality of Profile, Hepp’s ingenuity is astounding.

Laguiole steak knives are also available to complete your collection of catering cutlery; subjected to a special firing process, each knife has the ideal mixture of flexibility and strength in order to guarantee the perfect cut.

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