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Fine Dining Catering Plates

Those in the fine dining industry understand the importance of choosing catering plates that reflect the quality and finesse of the dishes they’re presenting. Steelite International have been manufacturing plates for the hospitality industry for over three decades, and we use our breadth of experience to create innovative designs which combine elegance and practicality; fitting of these culinary standards.

The use of Alumina Vitrified clay bodies with Steelite Distinction and Performance enables us to produce elegant and refined catering plates, without compromising on the strength and durability required for restaurant use. Our catering plates deliver outstanding strength, with a lifetime edge chip warranty to ensure maximum confidence.

The way a menu is displayed can greatly affect the customer experience and so our ranges have a firm focus on enhancing food presentation. The catering plates in our foundation ranges create the base of your tableware and enable the tone of your dining experience to be set. From the delicate swirls of Spyro to the opulent Antoinette, there’s a foundation range to suit every dining style. Innovation ranges then add a new dimension to your dining, introducing catering plates that form the perfect canvas for signature dishes. The striking Sheer range offers a departure from traditional tableware and yet seamlessly compliments many of our foundation catering plates.

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