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Fine Dining Catering Crockery

Steelite International is a renowned manufacturer of fine dining catering crockery to the international hospitality industry. Our award winning ranges span the entire spectrum of fine dining crockery from refined elegance, through to unique and innovative designs. When creating a menu, presentation can significantly enhance a diner’s culinary experience. We incorporate this into all of our catering crockery ranges which are designed to act as a platform for chefs to showcase their creations. Exceptional standards of production are present in every piece of our catering crockery and this consistently delivers the flawless finishes expected in fine dining.

Your journey to develop the perfect collection of fine dining crockery will start with our foundation selection. These provide the basis for your service, and deliver on both practicality and presentation. Within these ranges there is a combination of statement and understated designs, and this enables you to choose catering crockery to enhance your restaurant vision.

The innovation ranges are designed to add the crucial details to your catering crockery service. They incorporate interesting shapes and lustrous finishes to give you catering crockery which is perfectly suited to presenting signature dishes. The Creations range embodies table drama and luxury, crafted out of textured glass and developed into a selection of specialised dining pieces; it adds a surprising dimension to your dinner service.

Our fine dining catering crockery includes alumina vitrified, bone china, porcelain and melamine types to ensure you have an abundance of choice regarding the style and material of your catering crockery. Fine dining catering crockery isn’t complete without cutlery and glassware, and here at Steelite International we offer a wide selection of catering cutlery and catering glassware which can be chosen to specifically suit your catering crockery service.

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