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Catering Wine Glasses

To provide the finest dining experience, catering wine glasses must be chosen to both enhance the flavour of the wine, and the appearance of the tabletop. The correct wine glass can provide the optimum conditions to appreciate the profile and aroma of a particular wine. It’s therefore important to use only the highest quality catering wine glasses that compliment your menu and dining style.

Steelite International strives for perfection and this dedication is mirrored in our partnership with Spiegelau. Spiegelau has been producing exceptional glassware for nearly 500 years, creating striking yet elegant fine crystal stemware using traditional craftsmanship. Their world-renowned experience is evident in every piece of their glassware available from Steelite International.

Minners Classic Cocktails epitomise class and charm; with the vintage style of the 1930’s and 40’s they take you to a bygone era where cocktails were the essence of sophistication. Mastering catering glassware with a variety of designs from the Coupe Champagne glass to the ever-popular Nick & Nora – Minners catering glassware is an essential ingredient in any cocktail recipe.

For the true connoisseur Authentis embodies quality and refinement. These catering wine glasses are crafted from hand blown glass to give an exceptional finish. Authentis features a comprehensive selection of catering wine glasses including, tasting and black blind tasting glasses for wine tasting events.

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