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Melamine Displayware

Melamine is becoming an increasingly popular medium for displaying dishes and menus due to its bold colour combinations and interesting shapes. The melamine ranges are especially suited for use in buffets and banquets, with a wide choice of melamine displayware including plates, bowls, sharing platters and serving trays. Supplied in partnership with Elite Global Solutions, the ranges reflect an extensive selection of styles, to enable you to complement your menu with your choices. Our melamine displayware pieces are designed to change and inspire your plating, giving interesting shapes and textures for chefs to work with.

The Illogical trays provide stylish and versatile serving pieces for sauces and dips, turning the sometimes overlooked side dishes of the menu into an exciting element of your table display. In contrast to this range the pebble creek range integrates the beauty of nature into its finish and design. Earthy colours, lustrous glazes and a dappled texture combine to offer elegant and rich melamine displayware.

Choosing the right displayware can completely transform your table, making a bold statement with colour, or adding a touch of elegance with sleek designs. Melamine is particularly suited to displayware due to its durable chip resistance, stain resistance and dishwasher friendly finish. This functionality makes it extremely popular for catering, banqueting and buffet dining – delivering dependable quality when it’s needed most.

Explore our melamine ranges and create a tailor made wish list of our melamine displayware. For further information about our melamine displayware, please get in touch with our expert team who can answer any questions you have.

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