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Bistro Catering Plates

Those in the hospitality industry understand the difficulty of finding bistro catering plates that are stylish yet do not compromise on strength and durability. For over 30 years, Steelite International have strived to provide businesses with products of exceptional quality in both appearance and practicality. We use our alumina vitrified clay body to produce bistro catering plates with guaranteed dependability, whilst our talented designers ensure that all ranges are stunningly styled and up to date with industry trends.

Occasion, dining style, cuisine and required practicality are vital to consider when choosing the perfect catering plates catering plates for your tabletop. Steelite International excel in offering variety, ensuring that the ideal tabletop solution is available no matter what the circumstance.

Hand-crafted and authentic, Craft has a range of shapes and sizes of catering plates for awe-inspiring food presentation. Freestyle is a contemporary range of catering plates with fresh, clean shapes that inspire creativity. Frame consists of square and rectangular rimmed catering plates that are designed to give the chef a ‘frame’ for his creation. All three ranges are stunning in their own rights, encouraging artistically beautiful food presentation whilst also providing the reliability and durability essential with the busy environment that Bistro catering plates are subjected to.

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