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Café Catering Crockery

A growing cafe culture has made cafe dining increasingly popular, and our catering crockery is designed to provide exceptional quality with contemporary design, to give you functional and hardwearing pieces. Our cafe catering crockery is equipped to perform day after day, and withstand the rigours that the catering industry can face.

The LiV range is perfectly suited to the cafe catering industry and is designed with stackable features to make the pieces easy to use even in the most space-conscious of locations. Within this range the traditional elements of catering crockery – cups, saucers and hollowware - are given a contemporary edge with elegant yet quirky profiles, producing catering crockery that delivers on both quality and style.

The Simplicity range embodies versatility. It’s designed to complement any taste or catering style and is available in a range of unique patterns. Whether you’re seeking white and contemporary pieces, or something with a pattern, Simplicity will deliver catering crockery specifically suited to your requirements.

Using our wishlist tool you can gather your perfect tabletop solutions with our wide array of catering crockery. Our complementary ranges enable you to add individual elements of catering crockery to your service, creating a unique dining experience for your diners.

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