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Alumina Vitrified

Our alumina vitrified clay body is used to create Steelite Distinction and Performance ranges, producing strong, durable products time and time again. The alumina vitrified body allows us to offer excellent quality, variety and versatility in the style, shape and size of our products.

Frame is a wonderful example of design and durability working in conjunction with each other. The rectangular rimmed plates are elegant to the eye yet strong to the touch, having inherited the strength of the alumina vitrified clay body.

FreeStyle brings excitement to the tabletop, with creativity and a playful character at its heart. Its long lasting excellence is guaranteed as we offer a lifetime edge-chip warranty on all products made in our alumina vitrified clay body.

Taste adds style to the dining experience with a variety of innovative shapes. Our alumina vitrified clay body means we never have to compromise on appearance or quality; they’re destined to come hand in hand.

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