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Cafe Catering Crockery

Steelite International strives to deliver innovative café catering crockery which is stylish and durable in order to function flawlessly day after day. Simplicity is the epitome of this as its simple yet beautiful designs render it timeless whilst its strong ceramic body ensures that it is equipped to withstand the rigours of the catering industry. With stackable solutions, Simplicity catering crockery also maximises catering space effortlessly.

FreeStyle is another excellent example of cafe catering crockery which expertly combines functionality with style. Every piece evokes a warm and welcoming aura through its sculptural and curved forms. As catering crockery it functions flawlessly as it is crafted to deliver efficient storage, plating, portion control, heat retention and ease of use. With Freestyle, cafe dining becomes a true delight.

Another exceptional range of café catering crockery is Taste; no matter how simple the dish is, Taste enhances it, making the experience of dining truly exquisite.

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