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Catering Knives

As a core element of any tabletop presentation, catering knives have the ability to enrich the entire dining experience of your guests. For this reason, it is vital that every piece fits seamlessly on the tabletop and in your guest’s hands whilst also delivering an excellent service consistently.

Laguiole catering knives are the quintessence of this, providing ultimate blade flexibility and a perfect cut with minimal effort. Subjected to a special firing process, Laguoile marries beauty with strength and is renowned for its longevity.

Another excellent catering knife which combines functionality with style is Courtland Silversmith. Made from 18/0 stainless steel, Cortland Silversmith provides exceptional stain and rust resistance, making it the perfect choice for the hospitality industry. Its graceful curves also ensure that it fits effortlessly on the tabletop.

With its bold geometric shape and highly polished finish, Profile catering knives exude an aura of confidence and style which is perfect for contemporary interiors.

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